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01-08-2011, 02:58 PM
Why do I do it , every january in the sleasy game that is night clubs its a redecorate ,on a tight budget ,using foreign language speaking bus boys (poor command of english and my kirgistany is around zero ,polish is easy in comparison ).Just done a few 14 hour days + a 17 hour one and tommorow brings an early rise and then a two hour drive with a longer one back .
Barking mad but I love it !
Hope the grayling are on form tomorrow as i need a spiritual recharge !

01-09-2011, 07:37 PM
I understood that.

01-10-2011, 06:12 PM
Adam ,glad you understand stlll no sure if I do .
Seriously although a real struggle to get out of bed a easy journey with no glitches to get there on time into sub zero frost ,a phone call from a friend who had put his car in a ditch due to icy roads ,which I understand as when i came of the motorway the roads were icy and a touch slippy under the wheels .
I had a great day ,six guys including me 2 who sort of knew the fishery ,2 who could fish ,and one a builder by trade who was having his second ever river day .
I spent most of my fishing hours with phil the builder ,so easy to guide a natural with line control ,excellent company ,liked his tea from the Kelly Kettle ,and what a shame the grayling did not play for him .
left Phil at 12.15 ran into town for soome tea bags ,having fired up the BBQ , had a few minutes to fish so with the man in the ditches klink hanging a tiny #20 tungsten beaded nymph had a couple of wee ones from a below the weir pool ,and then cooked and shared steak with some red wine , afternoon started badly (red wine) but had another fish around the 3/4 lbs on the same rig , the day chilled and after more warming tea I bade the band good by and then had a smooth 2 hour run back into town .
as Issac Walton said I slept the sleep of an honest man ,back to work this morning and although tired from a mad working week the last week I was refreshed and felt ready for all the rubbish to come !
Fishing is a soul food !