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06-25-2010, 06:45 AM
I remember a topic that was posted some years ago.

It involved a fund raising of sorts. A group on this site were collecting fly fishing items to send to a fly fisher in Eastern Europe.

I'm wondering if the fellow who was the recipient of the items is still with us or perhaps is a lurker?

Brk Trt

06-25-2010, 08:56 AM
Vitatus, it appears he has decided NOT to visit and or let us know what is up, he could even be dead, I have no idea.

I'm ok with what happened and not knowing.

I can understand wondering what happened to Vitatus, I wonder myself.

One of our guys here gave $100 (I think we used it for shipping as it was expensive), I gave that much in equipment and effort, I think we fully outfitted him with EVERYTHING down to a box of flys, floatant, rod, line, vest, haemostats, a complete fly fishing kit of high quality, we gave him an Orvis rod and reel, people tied flies, it was such a cool thing.

He said he received it and then, nothing, poof!

I still give money to beggars under the bridge, I don't care if they take my money and go buy alcohol or drugs, that is not my decision, it is theirs. It is my decision that I give and for good reason.

I am trying to learn to give and then forget about who or what I gave to. When I can master that, I am on the way to another level...

I am not suggesting that you do this, nothing of the sort, that's just me.

If people ask for help, they must need help. If they need, I will help if I can.

That's how I personally look at it.

At first, I thought we were taken advantage of but since then, men and women who are wiser than I have taught me about taking care of others, so you got what I wrote above.

I think a charity department here is good but in my life, in my experiences, I think my money is best given to the man on the street.

Maybe if someone has a friend who is in need, we can help again, collectively.

I would blindly help with that.

I'm glad you remembered, that was a very cool time at the site, you have been here for some time.

Thank you.