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06-07-2010, 08:54 PM
This August marks the 40th anniversary of Carrie Stevens Day at Upperdam, Maine. Mrs Stevens is responsible for creating the most recognized streamer fly ever, The "Gray Ghost" Carrie never had any formal training in fly tying, nor did she ever see anyone tie a fly, and whats most remarkable she never used a vise to create her streamer patterns which are to numerous to list here.

To comemorate this event myself and 23 other tyers from aroud the world accepted a challenge to tie a streamer as she did. The only tools allowed were a bobbin for thread, scissors, and a bodkin, NO VISE.

The pattern selected was "Carrie's Favorite"

The tying sequence in photos, as well as the recipe can be found here

I found this experience to be both humbling and rewarding.

Here is the compleated streamer tied with no vise.

"Carrie's Favorite"



Brk Trt