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05-31-2010, 04:31 PM
Not of trout, but related and appreciated I hope by others.
This lyric came full blown to me after meeting the man--he has since become my friend.

The Upland Life

An English Setter by his side
and that old Parker gun
To walk the colored October wood
Made warm in golden sun

He caught a dream the upland life
As others had before
To love the King and where he flew
And that Parker twenty bore

The years return less than he gave
The way he chose to run
The English Setter by his side
And that old Parker gun

Fourteen years and ya they've aged
Just about the same
Now moving stiff and a little slow
Ruffed Grouse is still the game

He doesn't wear his bona fides
as a patch upon his sleeve
But reflected rather in the eyes
of what his 'Bird Dog' sees

Two old sages side by side
And a bird that is called a King
Making memories slow to fade
Called forth-- the dog bell rings

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Why thank you, Greendrake.
That is mighty kind of you.