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02-05-2010, 10:25 AM
I just received a Ebisu 6:4 and will be trying different things for line before the season opens. I like the idea of the level line, but would like to find another option than the tenkarausa stuff.
Anyone have any thoughts on this stuff or any other ideas for a tenkara line?


02-05-2010, 12:59 PM
You can cast the YoZuri, or any other fluorocarbon line just fine, but I find it hard to see against a dark forest background when fishing in shade or in the evening. What I tried was the YoZuri "Disappearing Pink" and I found that it was well named. Your eyes may be better than mine, but for me it's not a good choice.

02-05-2010, 01:44 PM
Thanks. I might try a 7ft furled leader followed by 3ft of 3x and then 3ft. of 5 or 6x also. I will work out something.

02-05-2010, 05:10 PM
If you have a salt water fishing store with a large selection of lines, go there and look around for 17lb + or - and see if you can buy small pieces. Tell the guys you want to test strengths for leaders or what ever, they may give you the pieces. Take notes, keep things tidy. You will find something you like. I have been gravitating to a 3/4 rule, 3/4 for level line, the rest step down in floroucarbon. Check out Cabela's for a leader wallet. They have about 5 or so zip locks, place a card to separate the zip front and back, you can write on the cards to keep your notes on what you like. You will find a line you like or even a couple of lines. I like a 00-weight pvc line for grassy banks in a stealthy presentation with the leader dropping down, the pvc picks up off the grass so much better. Level line sort of gets sticky in the grass. Have fun and good luck. The above is just what I do or would do, your results may vary. :D

02-05-2010, 07:46 PM
Have you thought about making your own furled leaders? They are pretty easy after the first one or two. You can adjust the taper, choose your colors and choose materials for floatation or sinking. Can't beat the price. Plenty of good instruction on the web. 12 foot 2x4, 1 inch dowel, 1 inch spur point or even a flat blade drill bit, and a couple cup hooks and your in business.

Monofilament can be mixed too. Start with fluorocarbon for the casting weight and stiffness and taper with nylon if you want some floatation. Use a piece of tinted nylon if you want and indicator. If you want simple, just get some 15 pound Berkley vanish and tie on some tippet. As you get better you might like to drop to 10 lb.for its delicacy. Or taper with two or three sizes much like a traditional leader. Pink may actually be the stealthiest color of fluorocarbon underwater, since studies show, clear refracts light, called the piping effect.

Fluoro works the wind better and can be cast further. Furled leaders are more delicate. Remember though, the biggest advantage of tenkara rods is the ability to keep most of your line off the water, so cast what feels good and keep a high stick.

Tight lines.

04-15-2010, 02:01 AM
I've found that the 15lb flouro line can be a little bit tricky to control and cast accurately in windy conditions. (I have an Iwana 12' 6:4). In these conditions I use 20lb dacron backing with success. This also helps when one uses weighted nymphs.

04-15-2010, 08:52 AM
Neil, you may like the below line. It is a tapered braid. Backing is readily available though...

http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum/vie ... f=24&t=136 (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=136)

April 4, 2010 - Yard cast: I could not wait so I took the Seki Rei ? (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=7) out to the front and attached the line sans tippet and started a little rapid fire target casting. Wow, this line is fast. The wind was up a little and blowing less than 10mph but was able to spot very well for 10 minutes. The Seki Rei is new to me and this is one of my first casts on this rod as well. Collapsing the rod, I am starting to go through my mind, my quiver, "hmm, do I have enough spools (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9) for a full quiver of these lines?" Time for another order.

Good equipment is awesome to behold...

Can't wait till the rest of the lengths come in.


Masterline (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://www.sakura-rod.co.jp/keiryuu/keiryuu.html&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhhXmwaWNLe8XlyyG9fdSl5Ee65o3Q)

Available Configurations

The tapered braid comes in 5 sizes in three each different colors of Yellow ~ White ~ Tea:


Yellow is the finest gauge for streams, visibility in dark valley and light presentation.
White being larger and for an all around line.
Tea is for long cast, pools and larger streams.

Also available in Yellow Level Line.


http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/Lines/Masterline/sm_images/Masterline_Insert.jpg (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/Lines/Masterline/images/Masterline_Insert.jpg)



This review will be of the 3.3M (10.8') in Yellow on a 6:4 action Tenkara USA (http://www.tenkarausa.com): Ebisu (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=29) with 24" of 5x stepped down (using a Surgeon's Knot (http://www.animatedknots.com/surgeonsjoin/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com)) to 18" of 6x flourocarbon Rio Fluoroflex Plus (http://www.rioproducts.com/product.php?recKey=58) and size sixteen dry fly. I will use a "loop to loop" connection (using a Perfection Loop (http://www.animatedknots.com/perfection/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com) on the tippet) to attach the tippet to the line.

The line is well packaged on a spool in a plastic bag with the above package insert (http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/Lines/Masterline/images/Masterline_Insert.jpg). Taking the line off of the spool, I see the line is some sort of nylon or dyneema like material in it's sheen. It is very strong. The line initially off the spool in a complete "slinky coils" and the line appears to have a coil memory. Running the line through your fingers a couple of times straightens the line well and does add in some suppleness.

This is the initial impression, I am impressed with the straightening.

I thought with all of the curls, the line would handle poorly. When straightened, which is standard fare with many lines (except some furled lines), the line really tames out and has a nice feel to it. It is a stiffer than what I am used to in a line (I sometimes use a level pvc line) and probably has some sort of "break in" period but I do like it off the spool after straightening. The line has a dacron loop on the thick end to attach to the lillian and a simple knotted loop on the distal end. The taper is gentle throughout and the color is truly a LEMON yellow.

[more soon]