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  20. New tenkara rod for backpackers
  21. Take a peep at the Tongoriro River
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  49. Questions About Fishing in Ireland
  50. Oiling a furled line?
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  53. Adventure Trailers - Anyone Have One?
  54. California Fly Fishing...Specifically the La Quinta Area
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  57. Luck Versus Skill and Ability
  58. MA Tenkara Outing, April 17th
  59. Fly fishing in Los angeles area
  60. Tenkara USA rod reviews completed
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  64. River Monsters, the Animal Planet series
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  68. A few summer pics from the Conejos area of south-central CO
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  71. WMass Tenkara outing and another WMass small stream
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  73. Fished a New Creek Today
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  77. Allfishingbuy tenkara rod review
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  79. Origin of the word "tenkara"
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  96. Small stream rods - What weight do you use most?
  97. Well, how far do you travel to the stream?
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  101. You can fly fish for those?
  102. Time to prep for the coming spring
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  104. Need on line source for flies.
  105. Fly line -> leader knot
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  118. Orvis buys Scientific Anglers and Ross from 3M
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